Whether you are a retailer or a supplier, Sportmas takes a tailor-made approach and studies your particular needs, understanding your business and goals, in order to provide a customized solution, developing further from our standard tools where required. Our vast expertise in the sporting goods industry, as well as in other fields such as footwear, apparel, accessories and books, enables our team to analyze and understand the requirements of your particular case.

integration and implementation

A professional team will manage and steer your project through the various phases. Our process is designed to deliver a highly effective solution with minimum impact on your current operations. Taking into consideration that each infrastructure is unique, we work on a wide choice of integration and implementation options in order to provide with a custom adaptor, no matter which ERP you are using. Access to your critical business data will always be safe and under your control during the whole process.

hosting and maintenance

Every customer, whether retailer or supplier, gets its own space, where data is uploaded and safely stored. We use private cloud technologies and servers to ensure a highly secure environment. Available updates are notified automatically and carried out in a simple way.

training and support

Sportmas counts on a dedicated and committed support team available all-year-round. They will not only provide with a thorough step-in training for your internal team, but also work on any customized training you may require for your various departments. No matter what issue you come up with, Sportmas will be available via email and telephone to help.