Real-time monitoring of your product’s performance

Being unable to track your product once it has arrived to the retailer's store hinders an accurate reaction to market trends, increasing variability and making operational management difficult. Through Sportmas Dashboard Services, you will have direct access to structured point of sales information that will help you better manage your inventory, create better forecasts and streamline your sales process as well as measuring impact of your marketing investments.

Improve visibility and planning

With Sportmas Dashboard Services, you get access to structured tracking information that goes far beyond normal logistics tracking. You’ll see exactly how your product moves in and out of your customer’s retail store – information that improves your sales forecasting, production, and replenishment schedules. Sportmas Dashboard Services will also generate standard reports that show your product sales per store or in total, even down to SKU level, as well as graphical reports that are updated daily.

  • KPIs tracking at national, regional or store level.
  • Range selection of dates, brands, stores and styles.
  • Analysis of business trend comparing different time periods.
  • Sell‐in versus Sell‐out monitoring and follow‐up.
  • Analysis down to size and color level.
  • Report customization per functional area.
  • Category and specific styles sales trend monitoring.
  • Best‐ and worst‐ performing products visibility.
  • Efficient and successful sell‐through

    Standard processes may make you lose sales on your most popular products, drive to stock‐out situations and miss business opportunities.

    Sportmas‘ Efficient Replenishment does the work for you. It refills selected products automatically, as soon as they are sold, and prevents you from missing out on sales saving you valuable time and resources.

    Sell more with less work

    Efficient Replenishment is an automatic tool based on actual sales from each retail store. It allows you to book replenishment orders with an unlimited number of retail stores every day and lets you:

  • Select the replenishment product range based on general or replenishment price catalogues
  • Create individual or general replenishment rules for retail stores within a buyer group
  • Set replenishment rule names and activation periods (start & stop)
  • Set replenishment rule triggers that generate replenishment orders – choose between certain values or set a combination of triggers such as order value, certain weekday, wait X numbers of days, etc.
  • Quick and easy updates

    Through Efficient Replenishment you shall be fully up-to-date on the status of your replenishment orders in a flexible and functional way:

  • All-year-round activity (365 days a year)
  • Automatic import of replenishment orders in your ERP system (back‐office)
  • Order acknowledgement and purchase orders of replenished products to all customers

  • Exportable reports displaying the records of replenishment orders per retail store and totals.