Codificación Deportiva Sportmas S.L.
Badajoz 127
08018 Barcelona
Phone: (+34)933941771
Fax: (+34)932123773


Being an online platform, all you need to connect to Sportmas is a computer and an internet connection. Our team will do the rest for you.

Sportmas captures the files generated by your software and translates the information into a standard model through a secure server which makes the information visible to the receiver.

Only those partners with whom you have established a one-to-one relationship through Sportmas and to whom you have given specific authorization will be able to see the information you make available on the platform.

If you are a retaileryou will be able to look up catalogues and download product information to your system. You will have all the information about your programming orders available in digital format. You will also avoid re-labeling work of many articles using the suppliers' labels, saving time and money.

If you are a supplier you will be able to work in a much more flexible and dynamic way with your retailers, minimizing mistakes and maximizing inventory turnover. You will be able to monitor real-time sales of selected products and set rules for efficient replenishment of higher rotation articles, apart from accessing a wide portfolio of analysis tools to support your sales team.

Information feed frequency is up to the user. Sportmas allows different settings, from real-time information to periodical uploads.

If you are a retailer you will decide on a one-to-one basis which suppliers you share your information with.

If you are a supplier the information you upload will be available for your retailers based on the filters and permissions that you set for them. The data collected from your retailers will also be visible only according to the settings you enter in the system.