A collaborative platform to enable profitable business

In a consumer's tastes changing environment, the profitability of individual companies highly depends on merchandising and marketing skills. The key for success lies on a transparent, accurate and consistent communication flow that may only occur by setting up a pipeline through which information can flow between supplier's ERP and retailers POS software and taking advantage of a common language that is already existing. Sportmas is a single business platform that allows your customers to find all of their strategic suppliers and related products in a single, organized and easy‐to‐use web portal. Customers can use it to replenish products and to cover all future supplier relations.

sell‐out control

  • Real-time monitoring of your product’s performance.
  • Visibility and planning improvement.
  • Customizable statistics and reports source of actionable information.

efficient replenishment

  • Sell more with less work and risk.
  • Efficient and successful sell‐through.
  • Avoid missing sales setting specific rules.
  • Quick and easy updates and follow‐up.
  • Asset upload, manipulation and storage
  • Images, video, documents
  • Permission based restricted access and asset downloads
  • Single or multiple brand navigation
  • Site graphics themes and skins
  • Websites customized to reflect customer brand identity
  • Commission reports
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Interactive marketing
  • Inventory availability reports
  • Order status
  • Sales analysis reports
  • Special program price lists
  • Statistics and reports
  • Retailer – rep work flow
  • Turn collections into orders